World War I Research

WWI – 100 years after – We Will Remember Them IMG_4834

Help Needed!

As you may have noticed, Dorstone does not have an outside war memorial.  Efforts have begun ready for 2018 to research the names of those who sadly died in WWI, and are named on the War Memorial plaque inside in the church (T. Beavan, C. H. Blainey, W. E. Dallow & R. Sillence).

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The Oak Memorial Board from the Methodist Chapel                                  

This was placed in the church when the Chapel was closed.   On this board, we also have the names of the wounded and those who served and returned.

Killed  T.Beavan, C. H. Blainey,  W. E. Dallow, R. Sillince

Wounded  A. Arrowsmith, W. Bryan,  W.H. Burden, C.B. Dallow, H.J. Davies, W. Davies, P.R. Eckley, A.W. Farr,   W. Haines (MM),  J.W. Hallet, A. James,    J.H. Lewis, T. Pember, S.T. Pikes, W.J. Pikes (MM), E.G. Sillence, A. Williams, H.C. Morris, J. Price.

Served   J. Arrowsmith, J. Ball, W. Barrell, W. Blainey, H.J. Bowen, J. Davies, T. Davies,  T. Davies, W. Davies, J. Griffiths, E. Lewis, T. Lewis, L. Lewis, W. Montague, W.T. Morgan, G. Owens, A. Palmer, T. Pember. E.J. Pikes, Rev. G.H. Powell, T.P.P. Powell (MBE), W.J. Powell, D. Price, E.G. Price, G.T. Price, J. Price, W.O. Price, H. Sillince, H. Sillince, J. Sillince, W.J. Smith, F.H.J. Stephens, L. Tilbrook, J. Tomkins, L. Tomkins, G. Williams, G.J. Williams.

Some of those names may be known to you – maybe they were members of your family, or their families were your neighbours.  Maybe you have kept in touch with families who moved away?

It seems appropriate to include in our research those from WWII – we have Richard Watkins (d. 1944) and Windsor Welsby (d. 1945) both RAF.  They are only commemorated in the churchyard on gravestones.

In April 1945, six RAF personnel with the Operational Training Unit were killed in a flying accident after being caught in a snowstorm over Dorstone village.  Their plane crashed and burst into flames in Moccas Park.  Does anyone remember hearing of this event?  We feel we should like to include them in our Remembrance, although they were all buried elsewhere.

Air Crash CuttingAicraft Crash Dorstone 19th April 1945

Other War Zones:  maybe you have information about family members who served in other conflicts both past and present – this is of great interest also.

Please share any information you have – or write down anything you or your friends can remember.  Photos of these men with their families – or in their uniform – would be so valuable.  These can be scanned, and will be returned undamaged.

Please make contact via this website, or leave contact details in Dorstone’s Front Room  (DFR)