Publications and Reports

1 Front Green BookDorstone 1890 – 1990 (the Green Book) available for download

This excellent book, produced in 1990 by Ernest and June Morgan and the late John Jones, has been out of print for several years. Copyright was kindly granted to Dorstone History Society. It has now been digitised and the book can be downloaded from Marches Tours & Talks Tour Guide website on payment of £4.
Also, you can view the contents page, some extracts and a few photos.
As agreed when the copyright was granted to DHS, all proceeds will go to St Faith’s Church for the Restoration Project.

Castle sites – Dorstone, Mynydd Brith, Snodhill, Urishay etc.                              Sarah Catterall      The Marcher Lords – View

TransportRoads & RailwaysMaurice Church –  View

Arthur’s Stone by George Nash – Department of Archaeology University of Bristol – View

Domesday Records For DorstonePenny Platts View

Welcome Home – Poem by S. Price, Common Bach, Dorstone to welcome back men from the Second World War in 1945.

A Memory of Dorstone shared by John S. Batts, on Jan 4th, 2013.